About Me

Welcome to my site of worldly romance, corporate coupling and Expat love stories!

Office romances pose challenges! Don’t fall in love at work because it is risky business. But maybe it’s the best place to find true love. Still, it can come with a high price tag. Power and love are an intoxicating mix that lead to fireworks!

Although I’ve been writing for decades, Waltzing in Brussels is my debut novel, and more worldly romances are in the works.

I’m Lucy Kerry. Author, Foodie, World Traveler or more accurately International Gypsy. Most of the time, in that order too. So I decided it was now or never, and I began writing my first novel and now I can’t stop. Moving around has made it more difficult but the moves gave me lots of material to use in my writing.

Collector of cook books and teapots, I was an only child, but not alone and was raised by my mother, grandmother and lots of aunts and cousins. My parents had gone their separate ways before I was born.

I was also raised with a love of storytelling coming from a family of storytellers or more accurately, people with big mouths who couldn’t shut up. From an early age, I lived in a home that was enriched with film, theatre, books and art.

My aunt and my uncle had careers in Washington, D.C. and I ended up spending part of my childhood wandering the corridors of the Capital Building and playing on the lawn of Capitol Hill, a time before security barriers and metal detectors.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio but have lived most of my life in the Washington DC area, New York City or Los Angeles, and then going global over the last twenty years. Please share a little of my global adventures by taking a look at Kiki’s Fika, a short video I made in Sweden about the Swedish tradition of coffee and cinnamon rolls.

I’ve flowed along with globalization, residing in Europe, Central Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East.

I accept it as my destiny, there was no plan, no rhyme or reason to it, yet I have become a global wanderer discovering the joys of round the world ticketing. I now reside in the oldest city in the world, Yerevan Armenia